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New & Used Medical Equipment Parts

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GMPOL New & Used Medical Equipment Parts

We Carry New And Used Medical Equipment

Fetal Monitors

EKG Machines


And Medical Items

Carts - Containers - Cables

Monitors - Defib - Centrifuges - Dental

Vintage Service Manuals

Pipettes - Blades - Paper

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GMPOL New & Used Medical Equipment Parts


Thousands Of Pre-owned Parts Available

Cables - Cords - Connectors

Electrical Motors / Pumps

Surgical Cutters And Supplies

Ultrasound Papers

100s of Monitors

Dental Instruments & Supplies

New and Pre Owned Medical Parts & Equipment

With 30 Years Of Service To the Medical Profession

GMPOL (Global Medical Parts Online) is serving the needs of the global medical community. Here at GMPOL we buy and sell medical equipment and supplies. GMPOL strives to make our customers happy with their purchases. Customer service is at the top of our list. We also provide service and consultation to all types of medical professions throughout the world.

GMPOL Used Medical Parts
We specialize in carrying a wide range of hospital medical equipment
including refurbished hospital beds, medical stretchers and gurneys,
exam tables, EKG’s and ECG’s, defibrillators, surgical tables,
anesthesia machines, x ray equipment, physical therapy (pt) tables, medical carts, and more!

  • Defibrillators
  • Doctor Office Exam Room Equipment
  • EKG / ECG Machines New Used and Refurbished
  • Exam Tables New Used and Refurbished
  • Infant NICU Medical Equipment
  • Infusion Pumps
  • LED Surgical Lights
  • Medical Equipment Disposables
  • Orthopedic Medical Equipment
  • Patient Monitors

We carry so many different, complex, one of a kind parts for so many medical items that we need to verify that part is there and its price. You must call or email us with your needs and we’ll get right back to you.

New Items

Pre Owned Medical Parts

We constantly get new items and here is a list of a few. Call or email us for anything you want but do not see.


Pre Owned Medical Parts

This is a list of special products that we can offer monthly and always at the best prices. We guarantee it will be a bargain. We ship fast and one call is worth it to see what we have.

Monthly Deals

This is a list of the items that we have on special. No telling how much off it might be. Call to see if what you need is on sale.

Let’s Talk Electronics, Consumables And Paper Items

Exam Table Paper – Exam Gowns – Drape Sheets

We have disposable paper supplies for any Doctor office needs. Disposable leads and wires, too. X-ray film, gloves, recording paper, we have it all in stock.

We have lamps and bulbs available for just about anything. High Intensity, Quartzline, projector, we have a large selection. Call and tell us what you need.

Control boards, memory boards, CPUs, Interface units for older equipment is in our stock, maybe just the one you need.